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Melancholy, sad, thought-provoking. Each song is like a musical memory of an emotion, a feeling, or a person.
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Peak in sub-genre #20 2
demo without vocals for an older song of mine
Peak position #97 1
hesitant to post, but I haven't posted new stuff in a while. This is a song which features me on my guitar and the usual synthy crud. You'd have to hear it to understand.
Peak in sub-genre #54
Some heavy ambience in here. A beat that took me a while to come up with, and some piano solo too.
Peak in sub-genre #23
A lot of machine and static type sounds, with a melody somewhere in there.
Peak in sub-genre #28
This is the closest to complete version of a song I've been working on for months, based entirely on the feelings I experienced while I was broken up with my girlfriend of 9 months (we're back together now...thank god)
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
A slow mellow tune that expresses sadness and hope, using a few pads, and then it becomes a bit more when the percussion and piano come in.
Peak in sub-genre #87
This is the final installment of the Fractured....thingy. It's got a lot more guitar, and it's a bit more musical. The end is rather unpleasant, but that's alright, cause that's what it's all about.
Part two of my series. Mostly noise. This one features a little less singing, and a little more guitar. I used a lot of crazy effects on this one. Took lots of time and effort.
This is the first part of three that will make up the 'fractured' trilogy of tunes. It's pretty much a bunch of noise and ambience, with a little of me singing in the background.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Some dub elements, as well as a bit of industrial and noise elements. Also my 'factory' stuff too.
Peak in sub-genre #64
sad-ish sounding song. Just a little piano ditty with layering on the drums.
Peak in sub-genre #16
One of my old tunes from back in the day. A personal favourite, actually. It's just a moody piano and some strings, but it's pretty emotional, and it's good to sleep, cry, or read to.
Peak in sub-genre #56
An older tune, I don't know whether I'll put it on a CD or not. Anyway, It's piano strings and beat, mostly. One of my first experimentations with distorted beats.
Peak in sub-genre #95
walking in the rain, reflecting on your shortcomings and failures... rain ambience, thunder, footsteps, noises....meh
Peak in sub-genre #95
A creepy song about realization that you're the only thing keeping you apart from the people who love you.
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