Jason Sheroan
Rock Kokomo, IN  USA jasonsheroan.com
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Melodic rock with a focus on melody and harmony. Catchy and hooky is my goal.
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This song took on many different forms before the lyrical idea hit me one day. Everything just kinda came together lyrically for me and the song practically wrote itself. I altered the feel of the song, combined some ideas I had, and the song was bor
Peak in sub-genre #84
Wrote this song very quickly when my buddy Mitch came to visit. We both hashed it out until it was done, and recorded it. I did most all the instruments and vocals. Mitch laid down a rhythm track and some backing vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #91
A Zeppelin type blues rock stomper about about a friend that was hooked on heroin, and tried to keep it a secret. But I knew the deal even though he would never admit it. So this song is kind of about my wish for him trying pull thru it. Die to live
Peak in sub-genre #71
Just a happy song about love.
A song about divorce and how one can deal with it.
Peak in sub-genre #93
My ode to Cheap Trick
This is a song about vanity basically. and now no matter where you are, it's the same story, different stage.
A re-recording of the song from @ 1996 with Jimmie Bruhn on keys and misc guitars. Tracked at his house on his 1' reel to reel. I think the bvox are a little peaked sounding, but there ain't no fixing it it now!
My attempt at writing an 'alt-country' song. I always wanted to re-record this one to change that god forsaken drum beat, and to change my monstrous (and out of key) guitar solo! I've since added an outro verse to this song too which resolves it q
My attempt a clever word play. Resulted in a very catchy, but very dorky song!
This song is about a buddy of mine whom I felt at the time was sort of falling away from our friendship. Turns out I was dead wrong. But this is how I felt at the time. The lyrics don't really make a lot of sense, but they do to me.
This song is about being in love and not letting the moment pass you by.
More luvin'.
The title speaks for itself really.
A dark yet melodic rock song in Drop D. Has an Alice In Chains meets King's X feel to it.
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