Dave DeCordoba
Rock Seattle, WA  USA
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Solo artist, progressive instrumental rock, jazz and blues.
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Peak in sub-genre #39
Satch, I'll never be in your league, but this is inspired by you.
Peak in sub-genre #48
Smooth & funky. What happens beneath the waves.
Peak in sub-genre #74
Music to drive a monster truck to.
Peak in sub-genre #51
Soft, moody two-chord loop. Speaks to forgotten memories re-discovered...
Slow orchestral intro, then Latin-flavored acoustic and electric guitar, a la Santana.
What it is.
Peak in sub-genre #54
An impoverished farmer in the field, trying to eke out a living from the soil.
Peak in sub-genre #85
One of my first compositions. Moves from a clean chorused sound to a crunchy flanged overdrive. Like you're in a giant machine...
Peak in sub-genre #43
Light, meandering piece that occasionally strikes a hard chord. Kinda like life.
Cage door's just been opened. Fly!
Peak in sub-genre #19
Train to nowhere...
Best played on a 12-string guitar. Bright, chimey series of arpeggios that evoke a huge, echo-y cavern.
Peak in sub-genre #22
One of my first piano pieces - variations on a theme. Underwater at twilight.
Peak in sub-genre #49
Heavy, flanged psychodelic hook suitable for tripping to strange dreams.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Sad, slow, blues-tinged jazz, or maybe jazz-tinged blues. Kind of a film noir feeling.
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