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As a solo artist, tend to do more the 'Instrumental' a member of a band, the rockin' thing!
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Peak in sub-genre #42
Musical, with basic layers, June 2014.
Peak in sub-genre #48
A landscape of synth, flowing, following.
Peak position #89 1
A song with a couple of Tangents....hope you like it.
Peak in sub-genre #39 2
Quite a lengthy, 4 stage 'soundtrack soundscape'. (translated means '4 moons'!!)........ hopefully not too much detail has been lost in the MP3 conversion.
Peak in sub-genre #59 3 1
The start is totally 'LO-FI'..the intention was to give an 'old radio' like effect. Again, no vocal, I just didn't think any were needed here... Short and kinda's simple but uses many instruments.
Peak in sub-genre #10 4 2
this is the COMPLETED demo of the music I recorded recently, in my home.
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
A version of the Alicia Keys song...My 13 year old daughter Kalia and I put this together while she was in Melbourne recently, July 2009...Hope you enjoy it!
Peak position #74 2
A recording of my new Fender Stratocaster....with no FX, just the Strat guitar itself. (Oh, and me playing it!) No vocals. Bit 'sparse' at the start, was expecting to put vocals on it, but becomes a little more musical as we go along. Hope you enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #28 1 1
Just trying out my SR-18 Drum system....
Peak in sub-genre #52 3
An Instrumental.....with mood swings....
Peak position #37 4 1
A song for little girl...
Peak position #40 4 1
slow instrumental.....many instruments and strange sounds....all created without computer intervention. For my 'tisha.....
Peak in sub-genre #58 3
instrumental......sedate, but gets a little crazy...please excuse my poor drumming!!
Peak in sub-genre #34 2 1
a musical landscape, new sounds and old sounds combine...I wonder if you'll recognize the old Leslie flapping around there in parts!!...I used a very old sequencer for the 'driving' bass...the old stuff still works fine!
Peak in sub-genre #10 3 1
Another 'Not well known' song from one of my fave groups. I've done Bass and L-R gits. Dean's on drums, Tim on rith gits. Johnny on vox!
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