Instrumentals Daytona, USA
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Mindless Vhish hacking in cubase 5.1
Guitar Rig 4 with sound toys plug in very eventidish sounding to my ears ignore the sh** playing and mistakes, trying to dial in a good 5150 tone.
Peak in sub-genre #91
Sloppy Joe's served up right, if it ain't sloppy it ain't any good LOL Testing out my A2 mag I put in my Duncan custom and I picked up Guitar Rig 4 and I'm using Cubase 5.1 and added some delay.
DirtyCooter Kens, Jam session
Ed solo for your monday blues
Peak in sub-genre #53
Metro-2204 Power tubes cranked to da max lol Line out to Boss Eq Ge-7 behringer Spk Sim Sm 57 off axis, my junk strat with newly angled same 59 duncan pro tools, speaker 90s GBack 6402 cone.. Dverb, Delay boss dd-3 slap'Rback Still a work in progress
Peak in sub-genre #41
More 2204 low filtering
Low filtering 2204 re recorded
Peak in sub-genre #36
Guitar Noodle, with my metro 2204 jose master w/diodes
Peak in sub-genre #37
EVH Cross Roads
Ed jam in studio
EVH little jam at home
Peak in sub-genre #72
YoureallyNoodle1 Dry trax
Edward in the studio jammin
Peak in sub-genre #54
Eddie in the studio practicing eruption sorry for the bad audio!
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