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please take your seats
Kind of an introduction song...letting people know who i am and reintroducing myself to those who mighta forgot about me
One of my favorite songs..this is exactly how a mans mind works
Peak in sub-genre #59
Imagine I got rich and dated supermodels doing something that I spend hours in my room doing anyway? is actually the name of this song
Felt like I needed an ode to my indestructability..this would be great to perform on stage
This is not really a full song...I had a few verses laying around this beat with a hook so I just put it together
I had fun playing around with this beat and this song...wasnt supposed to be anything real but it came out pretty good...its about a girl i was seeing for a little bit
This is something me and my buddy xyzstance did one day..this is what happens when you dont have the resources to make a legitimit skit..mad funny though
I know a few people who had babies way to young, and now there lives are ruined and so are their children. I heard this beat and the song kinda wrote itself
this track explains what really happens at the club
I wrote this song shortly after I graduated college and I realized that I wouldnt be seeing the people who became my best friends ever again. Time flies.
Peak in sub-genre #73
Last song of the album, its about just not caring about anything anybody thinks of you and just living and doing what you want. This is the only beat on the album that I produced
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