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Peak position #4 21 19
An idea in progress, crank this f*** er up!
Peak position #17 37 33
Fleeting moments of lucidity from ages past. Please read the song info, thanks.
Peak position #4 17 15
First new tune in quite a while.....
Peak position #3 29 39
Merry Christmas! "So drink a great big glass, and then you'll wanna JAM!!"
Peak position #33 21 29
Tongue in cheek madness for a mad world!
Peak position #30 20 26
An oldie but goodie we still enjoy, the girls sound so little!
Peak position #31 22 26
An early one, created itself while running loud machines at work, using the backbeat of the mis-firing pistons. Art by Anna.
Peak position #5 44 48
Tongue in cheek, sarcastic.
Peak position #23 25 36
A little dose of some silly fun noise.
Peak in sub-genre #4 11 9
An early surf punk number, just winged it...and it almost worked.
Peak position #41 27 25
Hope to catch everybody at the annual mid-summer beach bash, here's your invitation!
Peak position #53 30 26
Peak position #10 39 48
Astronomusic's Zozimo Rech and Adrianne Simioni lending their brilliance to one of our early tunes.
Peak position #58 24 22
The girls step up, take over, and have some fun.
Peak position #32 17 27
Surf-Psychobilly Hybrid About A Ghost Surfer
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