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ChrisMorale, Fadaze and MofoHari work together bringin our own feel and freshness to hip hop..we guarantee u haven't heard anything like it before!!
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Musical 4Play.......
Peak in sub-genre #80
Prod by Westnyle/ChrisMorale; Performed by ChrisMorale ft Donna..
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Produced by ChrisMorale; Performed by ChrisMorale and Donna..A normal conversation
prod by ChrisMorale; Performed by M.O., Fadaze, D*Cypha, Dra$tik, MofoHari..
Peak in sub-genre #31
Produced by ChrisMorale Performed by Donna and ChrisMorale..Will they or won't they? What do u think? ;+)
Prod ChrisMorale; Performed by Donna and Fadaze..He asks 'her' if he should tell the girl he's with about his love for 'her' can get a little complicated sumtimez..(demo version)
Peak in sub-genre #52
Produced by ChrisMorale; Performed by Donna and ChrisMorale..When he comes home feelin tired and low..she knows jussst what to do..;)
Produced by ChrisMorale, Performed by FaDaze ft Madam Donna..this is jus the unfinished demo version to give u an idea of whats comin ;-)
Peak position #1
Produced by ChrisMorale..Performed by Fadaze and Donna..She thinks life could be betta if she starts a new life...both sides are talkin..
Prod by ChrisMorale; Performed by Donna..Was it her imagination or was he really there with her? if it really happnd and was so beautiful..why does the memory hurt so bad?
Prod by ChrisMorale, Performed by MofoHari..Do u kno whats worth fighting for? Lissen to 'da message'
Produced by ChrisMorale; Performed by ChrisMorale and Donna (demo version)...nail down the plates and cova ya heads..da villain and mofohari are havin another everyday conversation..;-) (demo version)
Peak in sub-genre #9
Prod: ChrisMorale, Performed: Madam Donna dedicated to a talented man who has a wise old head on his young body..u kno who u are..
Produced by ChrisMorale; Performed by Fadaze ft Donna..demo version
Produced by ChrisMorale; Performed by ChrisMorale and Donna..She sees him but he doesnt see does she know hes the one for her? (Demo version)
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