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son of science
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Son of Science song I'm working on. I have too many ideas for this, so the track will probably be in two or three parts. RG2027TS9JMP-1Engl cab impulse for guitars, Metal Foundry for drums.
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Trying out new kit sound and my JMP-1 into some Engl impulse files.
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Instrumental intended to go on Son of Science's ill-fated debut
Trying out the Triaxis into some Mesa 4x12 Impulses for rhythms and leads
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A song about brains and act of suction
Downed tune 7620. Sniff it.
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Sketch of a song. Superior 2.0, RG2027, Marshall JMP-1, TC Electronics G-Major, Impulse files
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Testing the piezo p-up on my new RG2027
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