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Performing and recording with REAL violin AND viola AND cello. Arranging, tracking, engineering, mixing and mastering REAL violin AND viola AND cello solos, tri
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VIOLIN - added to Patrice Pike's performance of 'Lincolon Continental' live with 'The Black Box Rebellion'. A bluesy-fiddlish violin arrangement to demo directly to Patrice.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Amelia Blake,, performing 'Secrets'. A new arrangement with orchestral backing, (MIDI prototyping and scoring for real string sessions), and a nice real violin cameo. A lovely song. Thanks Amelia !
Peak in sub-genre #42
VIOLIN - for Adam Stewart's, (, 'Today Is Real'. Another fine Austin artist with a heart-broken violin arrangement.
Peak in sub-genre #94
VIOLA (real) - added to Patrice's performance of 'The Wreckage' live in Austin, Texas at the Saxon Pub. A soulful and anxious viola arrangement to demo directly to Patrice.
Peak in sub-genre #62
CELLO (real) - added to Patrice Pike's live performance of 'Looking Glass'. A strong and supportive cello arrangement to demo directly to Patrice. My harmony and backup vocals on the outro hooks also.
Peak in sub-genre #12
FULL STRING ARRANGEMENT - modeled in MIDI with samples as scoring to add tracks of real violin, viola and cello in later sessions. A collaboration for Milan Christi.
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My song about Pollution in the Austin City Parks. Inspired by a discussion thread here : , scored with MIDI and samples. I love broadway !
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