Scott Kingston
Classical Corvallis, OR  USA
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Post Modern composer
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Peak position #72
Big and gelly ;)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Exotic sounding instrumental rock rerecorded, remixed and mastered.
Album: Guitar Trax Peak in sub-genre #98
I am often on the receiving end of intimidation. No longer . . .
A song written for John Keat's (1795-1821) poem 'To Sleep'
Album: A. Scott Kingston: SoundClick Favorites - Vol. I Peak in sub-genre #53
Here's 'Utaqiliugigvin (I'll Wait for You)': Utaqiliugigvin is King Island Eskimo meaning 'I'll Wait for You'. This was inspired by my trips to Alaska the last couple of years. Performed by the Western Oregon University Concert Choir
This piece was originally written for the Sound Moves ensemble at Western Oregon University. Since then, it was arranged for the Thelema Trio ( A House with Bad Dreams title was a part of a quote taken from the 'Thie
The title of this piece is a celebration of the final project in the Contemporary Composition Techniques class (Finally Done!). Amongst all of the chaos lies a tango.
Album: Guitar Trax Peak in sub-genre #22
Flip the title upside down and you'll find the nature of this piece. The guitar parts' notation is a total retrograde-inversion (it reads the same backwards and upside down). The electronics were altered to conform to this idea.
Album: A. Scott Kingston: Electroacoustic works Peak in sub-genre #22
Electronic Music project at Western Oregon University
William Shakespeare's quote from Hamlet, 'My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: words without thoughts, never to heaven go.' Another Electronic Music project from Western Oregon University under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Harchanko.
Album: A. Scott Kingston: Contemporary Performances: I Peak in sub-genre #50
A theme and variations for woodwind quintet using the melody of 'Cuckoo She's a Pretty Bird'.
Album: Guitar Trax
Exploring the digital/electronic realm
Beats made from pink noise
Album: A. Scott Kingston: SoundClick Favorites - Vol. I Peak in sub-genre #12
I wrote my name in sound using spectral editing in Adobe Audition.
Album: A. Scott Kingston: Electroacoustic works Peak in sub-genre #24
Using snippets from the performance of Canelloni I, Allegro.
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