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A #1 electronic recording artist on several leading internet music sites including soundclick, ReverbNation, and NumberOneMusic! Hear my latest song: BACK IN
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The beat for my next song
Peak position #84
Me and my crew
Peak position #23
Ain't Anybody Doin' Anybody Any Good In A Good Way!
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Recorded in Denver Oct, 2013
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gonna get some TriX*
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Easily written words in a time of great escape.
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Recorded at IndustriaLord's DominioN in Denver, CO July 2015
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written by IndustriaLord Anthony E. Barr Denver, CO in 2000
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A remix of my 20 yr. old song "What Is The Answer"
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Recorded in Denver 2014 at IndustriaLord's DominioN
Recorded Aug. 2014 in Denver, CO
Peak position #37
Recorded in Denver June, 2014
Peak position #97
Oct. 2014
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