Scott R Taylor
HipHop Bartlesville , OK   USA
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Acoustic Folk/Cowboy-Western/Inspirational Singer/songwriter
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A snapshot of a little cafe in Sundance, WY
Peak in sub-genre #27
A cowboy song - for a wannabe cowboy!
Peak in sub-genre #29
I got to thinkin about the women left behind after the battle of the Alamo...
Peak in sub-genre #72
just watchin' some friends play horseshoes when someone hollered out 'Hey, horseshoe dudes...' wouldn't that make you think of a song?!!
Peak in sub-genre #63
Based on a poem written by a cowboy poet friend of mine...
A song about remembering to say thank you...
If life is a dance, let's dance it with God
THis song was written in the mountainside grove shown in the CD cover pic!
God speaks to us thru others...are you listening?
Jesus was 'blind' to folks' foibles/handicaps, etc. - what if we could be 'blind' like Jesus?
A song about feelin' good, watchin' the sun rise and feelin' close to God
A love song for my wife after several lonely weeks on the road
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