Jaya Khoobsurat
World Vancouver, Canada http://jayacheladrolma.com/
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Ambient, Classical, Popera, Pop, Covers from many genres, Jazz, Celtic and Indian/Eastern fusions to make sound that uplifts and redefines the joy of living.
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Peak position #30 2
A song of love and hope.. beautiful lyrics, wave sounds and with Cello used as Whale sound...
Peak in sub-genre #35 1
Australia, a rich land of glorious colours, animals and landscapes... a land of hope for the future of the worlds earth - may we all become wiser...
Peak in sub-genre #49 1 1
A joyful song about a blackbird - look, look, at the natural world - how easily they are happy just to.. be. An understanding of being free amongst the eternal....
Peak position #14 1
Ethereal, glorious, soaring: a song of heart for four instruments... Piano(Truth), Violin(Clarity), Cello (Courage), Voice (Compassion)...
A Jazzy/Bluesy song contemplating on our 'instant' obsession, at the expense of long-term sustainablity or, financial balance.
Peak in sub-genre #43
A cry for the children... What will happen to the children - where will they go.. graffiti walls, sadness at the loss of natural wilderness.. The answer? Look within. A song for the environments world wide, and the forethought to provide a w
Peak in sub-genre #83 1
A song to call for world peace.. joyful, playful, but uplifting..
Peak in sub-genre #45 1
Help me bring your heaven down to earth.. like an 'eagle on the wing' - soaring effortlessly, away from daily cares....
Peak in sub-genre #55
Fly little bird, fly away... a pretty, sweet, and simple song - a prayer for bliss, throughout daily life...
Peak in sub-genre #75
Longing for love, longing for freedom, longing for Union with the Divine..
An 'angelic' vision.
Peak in sub-genre #83 1
Praying with tears in my eyes.. I ask for 'help'.... A violin song, with heart..
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