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just something for a mix test :)
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i started making this one morning, but its been dormant for a long time since that. recently dug it back up and started working on it, this is what i got :)
i remastered the old version of this clip so it sounds better. that is all
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yeah, i made a trance-ish song. no, i dont like trance, but it was really fun to do! :D NEW: updated version! (better mix, more layers)
just messing around really. i was trying some new types of compression and stuff.
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just a little fiddling around trying to get some ideas down. i cant wait to re-record with the new mix :D
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messing with drum EQ and compression, guitar EQ, and final compression/limiter settings.
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another idea. very rough, but the general vibe is in there :)
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just another piece of the puzzle. i havent joined the parts together yet.
trying out the intrepid in drop D. floppy-ass strings though, havent bought new ones for it yet. terrible mix as well :P
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