Mike Kelleher
Instrumentals Mooresville, NC  USA composermike.com
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Composer for film, television, and all types of visual arts. I can use my talents to bring life to your project and help "turn up the color knob" when you need
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Peak position #81
A multi-part, choral piece with a hopeful and reminiscent spirit to it. The harmonies are layered in multiple octaves and arranged between staccato and legato voicings at different times throughout the piece to build towards a beautiful resolve.
Peak in sub-genre #24
A moody, subtle, textured piece in a minor key.
Peak position #30
A delicate, relaxing melody.
Peak in sub-genre #17
Headphones on, through the turnstiles, get on the train, and enjoy the ride.
Peak in sub-genre #96
Droning, spacious piece that wanders between major and minor themes. Free CC License, Free download.
An orchestral piece in the Hans Zimmer style. Full mass choirs, deep timpanis, short bowed string sections, and broad brass sections. This is a short piece, meant to convey the building and eventual release of tension, as with a thundercloud
Peak in sub-genre #28
A "downtempo" or "chillout" cover version of "Careless Whisper" by Wham.
Peak in sub-genre #15
A drifting, atmospheric piece.
Peak in sub-genre #25 1
A cascading, layered guitar piece.
Peak in sub-genre #44
An upbeat rock track. Has a building, triumphant feel with lots of intertwined guitar tracks and a subtle string bed.
Peak in sub-genre #17
A lightly churning electronica piece.
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
A chilled out day at the beach.
Peak in sub-genre #19
Soaring across the galaxy on your spaceship, and tuning in to the right frequency.
Peak in sub-genre #48 1
Nothing more beautiful than the start of a new day.
Peak in sub-genre #16 1 1
Walking through the streets of a big city. So much to see, so much to hear.
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