Darcy Hoover
Blues Halifax, Canada darcyandhelicopters.blogspot.co.uk/
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Darcy Hoover
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Adrian wanted more guitar.....
Peak position #26
Jamming, and this came out....
Peak position #28
Breakin' Up....and having fun with my new Les Paul.....
Peak position #13 2
Some overdriven slide blues on the Telecaster....
Peak position #43
Just a fun funky song I threw together about all the time I waste.
Peak position #7 1
Title is self-explanatory, I know what I like! Playing with a new wah pedal....
Peak position #16 1
Something fun to sing for your mate...
Peak position #47
Funky blues drone regarding your impending demise....
Peak position #56
Simple funky riff about my surfing life on the East Coast.
Peak position #22
Some slide guitar in Open G....kicking back, relaxing....
Peak position #8 1
Slow blues...girl catches my eye, but of course I chicken out.....
Peak position #23
Kind of a jazzy-lounge thing I came up with, wrote some lyrics to and here it is. My Boss RC-2 supplies the drums, otherwise it's my Telecaster straight into a Deluxe Reverb.
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Robert Johnson Cover
Peak position #21 1
Just jamming
Peak in sub-genre #40 1
Some simple raw one-take dronin' blues, heavy on the overdrive.
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