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Border crossing Music - influences of jazz, rock, classical and traditional folk...
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Everest was out first Saluki Hound. He did not see his 4th birthday.
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"STROM" - Work in progress, recorded 11th of March
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Bless the forgotten people @ the Mediterranean Sea!
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Native of Sweden, Christian Thordin, or Bonamici, has been practicing the art of music for years. Famous for his orchestral classical pieces published on the Propellerhead song archive. Propellerhead team March 2005
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Beautifully orchestrated piece from Bonamici and feels worldly, like an Irish explorer trading ideas in new lands. Joops /
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Rainy streets, neonlights in the scene of the early 60's...
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This song is wounderfully crafted and displays the talent and commitment that goes into creating something from nothing. Is it the best I've heard from ol'Bon? I'm sure it is among the top 2. tunesmyth04 - 19 of April, 2004
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A bit russian maybe?
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Old proggish one... New version in progress.
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Kirsten and Henrik Thorburns weddings hymn
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Scenic and Filmish
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Pandora Nightz
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