Pete Jones (UK)
Alternative watford, United Kingdom
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pete jones
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alternative, solo, bass player, guitarist, producer, engineer, tea maker
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A sad tale of Christmas gone wrong, horribly wrong at the worst possible time
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The Creepy Dolls' 3rd tracks from the Grand Finale EP. All Instruments by Pete Jones
Peak in sub-genre #16 2
All about the differences, good/bad, fat/thin...whatever really just twaddle
Peak in sub-genre #49 2
A song about fighting one last time....
Peak in sub-genre #28 2
An interesting Remix by Wes Gillespie, Jubal Creech = Didgeridoo, Bongos and Shakers Adam Eckhardt = Tambourine D. Alex Cox = short Guitar loop David Patterson = Most Guitars Wesley H. Gillespie = Keys, Drums, Programming and Production
Peak in sub-genre #15 2
Remix of the Pete Jones track 'Murder' nicely remixed by Ben McLees of Earth Loop Recall in a manner befitting this great song! :)
Peak in sub-genre #59 2
Social comment, state of the world blah blah. Features the rantings of Media Whore, Mikee Plastik...good on ya!
Film score written 2007
Peak in sub-genre #33 2
Filmscore piece for a major project 2007
Remix of the Pete Jones song 'Killer' by Mikee Plastik, A.K.A Media Whore
Peak in sub-genre #63 2
Massive mad song...roll a spliff, put on the headphones, turn out the'll never be the same again...!!
Peak in sub-genre #39 2
Title tracks from the Pete Jones 2005 release.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
Another track from Pete's widely acclaimed 2000 release, Twisted
Peak position #91 2 1
From Pete's much underwhelming 2000 release 'Twisted' now no longer available on CD
From the 2000 Pete Jones release 'Twisted'
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