Ztar Unit
Electronic Mexico DF, Mexico
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Peak in sub-genre #16
Peak in sub-genre #42
Full On that takes you on returning to your acid days! Destructive line of down, too acid Melodies, enjoy it!
Peak in sub-genre #79
Body Language Notes !!.. Powerful song ... it fills of energy .. and an excellent melody .. body language! One beat powerful .. energetic ... very good full on!
Peak in sub-genre #53
Full On 4 Madness!! .. Song fills of enigmatic melodies... Vibrant low .. and the pace full on !!
Peak in sub-genre #58
Acid + Hard + Full On = My Life is Bass
Peak in sub-genre #37
This is Remake to one of my first songs... it is a version more Full Oner... Enjoy It
Acid Full On.. Good Song! New track of Juny... The Original topic of the Party Street Sound ! Psy Travel Nice !!
It is a very enterteining track ... since in they include samples of Okid's tracks... (Agency of Party infantile)... All the samples and vocals in Spanish inserted in a production Psychedelic Trance
Peak in sub-genre #34
Psychedelic Track!! Good Melody's ... Good Travel !!
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