Jazz Monterey, CA  USA
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lucidology - Joseph Lucido
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Weber Iago ~Keys, Kim Stone~Bass, John Nava ~Percussion, Michael Shannon ~Drums, Joseph Lucido-Guitar
Peak position #23 1
Joseph Lucido-Guitar, Lori Hofer~ Vocals, Kim Stone~Bass, Michael Shannon~ Drums, John Nava~Percussion
Peak position #13 6 3
Weber Iago~Keys, Kim Stone~Bass, Mike Shannon~Drums, John Nava~Percussion, Joseph Lucido~Guitar mixed with Synthesizer voice tone,
Peak in sub-genre #65 1
Weber Iago-Grand Piano, Kim Stone-Bass, Mike Shannon-Drums, John Nava- Percussion, Joseph Lucido- Guitar with Guitar Synthesizer
Peak position #38 1
Weber Iago~Piano, Joseph Lucido~Guitar, Kim Stone~Bass, Michael Shannon~Drums, John Nava~Percussion
Peak in sub-genre #46 1
Joseph Lucido-Guitar & Guitar Synthesizer Harmonica Sound, Kim Stone-Bass, Mike Shannon -Drums, John Nava- Percussion
Peak in sub-genre #41 2
Joseph Lucido~Guitar with guitar synth keyboard pad & Trombone simulation solo (midway through) .... Kim Stone~Bass, Aaron Stone ~ Drums
Peak position #39 1
Joseph Lucido~Guitar & Guitar Synth Percussion sounds, Kim Stone~Bass (Rippingtons, Spyro Gyro) Aaron Stone~Drums (Charles Lloyd/Pat Metheny)
Joseph Lucido Guitar & Guitar Synthesizer (flute & Marimba sounds), Jason Fann~percussion Kim Stone~Bass, Aaron Stone~Drums. Clay Henry -Percussion
Peak in sub-genre #55 1
Lori Hofer - Scat, Joseph Lucido Guitar & Guitar syth solo & horn sounds, Kim Stone - Bass, Michael Shannon - drums, John Nava- Percussion
Peak position #23 1
Weber Iago-Keys, Kim Stone-Bass, Lori Hofer-vocals, Joseph Lucido-Nylon string Guitar, John Nava & -Percussion, Michael Shannon-drums
Peak position #40
Weber Iago ~Keys, Kim Stone~Bajao Bass John Nava~Percussion, R. Ray ~Wooden Flute & chants, Michael Shannon ~ Percussion, Joseph Lucido ~ Guitar & Guitar Synthesizer Pitched Percussion
Weber Iago ~ Piano, Kim Stone ~ Bass, Mike Shannon ~ Drums, John Nava ~ Congas & Triangle, Joseph Lucido ~ Guitar Harmonics
Peak in sub-genre #41 1
Weber Iago~Piano, Lori Hofer~Vocals, Kim Stone~Bass. John Nava~Percussion, Michael Shannon~Drums, Joseph Lucido~Quackin' Guitar
Weber Iago~Keys, Kim Stone~Bass, Michael Shannon~Drums, John Nava~Percussion, Joseph Lucido~guitar
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