Mike Nobel's Songs For Children
Acoustic Gorham, ME  USA
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Music is a highly effective medium for communicating an anti-smoking message! This song (a 2nd grade student is featured on the recording) receives standing ovations from parents! Asks the question: 'Whah would you wanna start smokin'!?'
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Song on hazards to children caused by secondhand smoke (note: "scratching record" in intro. is just an effect!). Audience favorite in performances of Mike's I'M ALIVE! anti-smoking program. Performed by students AND faculty; even school principals!
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(Please contact: mainesongwriter@gmail.com ) A child sings a 'thank you' to her Mom and Dad for trying to quit smoking, expressing the concern and emotion many children feel toward parents who smoke, and their relief when parents try to quit.
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From Mike Nobel's '..I'M ALIVE!' anti-smoking musical. Since there is an abundance of (justifiably!) 'gloom and doom' warnings about smoking, it seemed a fun idea to present a 'Swing Dance' approach to quitting!
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From Mike Nobel's '..I'M ALIVE!' anti-smoking musical. The Liverpool Brass Band meets the London Philharmonic in this recitation by a (reluctant) British smoker, singing about the 'benefits' of having a smoker's cough!
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Gospel-style celebration of Quitting Smoking. From Mike Nobel's '..I'M ALIVE!' tobacco prevention program for kids and parents. For all ages to perform. Celebrate success in quitting! mainesongwriter@gmail.com
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A kids' 'Welcome to Maine!'. A musical visit to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Performed in schools throughout Maine, often featuring slideshows (photos and childrens' drawings) to accompany the song.
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