Ben Hodgson
Electronic United Kingdom
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Electronic music (dance, electronica, electro, house, indie)
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Peak in sub-genre #54
rocking dance track
Peak in sub-genre #49 1
Justice-inspired glitchy dance track
Wide, flowing ambient. High-speed songwriting!
Peak in sub-genre #73
UPDATED Free download! Free CC license! Thumping techno/electro track
Electro mayhem? Free CC license! Free MP3 download! Free free free Nelson Mandela!
Electro fusion mayhem!
Peak in sub-genre #37
Minimalism piece - CC license! Free conditional licensing, free MP3 download!
Loop-based electro improv.
One of my first-ever projects. I'm still pretty pleased with it, especially the arps at the end.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Written in about two hours with Absynth, SONAR and a little from Reason and FM8. My first foray into ambient music - I wrote it to be looped in, for example, an art gallery.
Serialism GCSE coursework
Theme & Variations on the Channel 4 News jingle (referred to in 'pips')
Disclamer: this is too long and too totally different to be a cover of the BBC News jingle, and no samples so it’s not a remix. It's INSPIRED BY the BBC News tune & it was mostly analog synths in Reason (obviously the drums are sampled).
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Instrumentals - Pop
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Ferrari On My Wrist
Instrumentals - Trap
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