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In the beginning was the Irish Stout, and the stout was good. The Irish Stout was SO good, in fact, we started singing about it--Irish Pub Songs. The Irish song
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A song about an Irishman who immigrates to Australia
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A traditional sea shanty
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The virtues of potcheen
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A walkaway shanty.
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A PSA--Pirate Service Announcement-for Talk Like A Pirate Day
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A fun song of the sea.
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An old sea shanty modified by Irish Stout
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A romantic love story gone awry.
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A birthday song for those want to get laid on their on the birthday.
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A rowdy drinking song by Ween!
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Mingulay is a small island in the Outer Hebrides near Barra. Although the tune and these words are similar to many sea shanties, these words were written by Sir Hugh Roberton in 1938 for the Glasgow Orpheus Choir
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An old Scottish song popularized by The Corries. Over-fishing in the Greenland sea during the early 19th century had a devastating toll on the whale stocks. A new hunting ground, the South-West Fishery, was discovered in the region of the Davis Strai
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