Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra OSMOSIS
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An Experimental Project (Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra), and a Loose Funky Jammer (OSMOSIS). 2 separate sides, the very same dude.
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#21 (Sub-genre) 1
PRODUCED--er, I mean--"SET LOOSE UPONST YOUR SENSES" by Lawrence Wise. Song is (BMI).
#13 (Sub-genre) 2 2
A vicious instrumental attack, all in the current OSMOSIS "Ape-Funk" groove---now, with the added power of lyrics and vocals by O.D The Great. Yea, we have an APE for that!! The Single Version, ya'll.
#58 (Sub-genre)
A story-song based on a Native American Legend, with similarities to a certain European Night Beast.
#56 (Sub-genre)
A Space-Rock/Pop single about an Alien Boy and his sexy-but shy-Earth Girlfriend!!
Peak in sub-genre #10
Just a little quickie about "Orange-Faced-Bastard-In-Chief"...because I F-N felt like it. And now...ON WITH THE FUNK!!
Peak in sub-genre #10
The SINGLE VERSION, from the upcoming OSMOSIS Album for late-Autumn 2016. (Also coming to iTunes.)
Peak position #60
The Title Track of the brand new OSMOSIS MP3-Album/CD, "Your Regularly Scheduled World". (Soon to be available via iTunes.)
Peak position #58
LAWRENCE WISE (a.k.a. OSMOSIS) teams up with MAXIMUM/RAPPADELIC (JamBOne & OFunkeO) to lay the law down on our wayward Honeys. It's CURFEW TIME, ladies!!
#34 (Sub-genre) 1 1
The 2nd Collab in 3 1/2 Weeks by OSMOSIS (me!) and O.D. The Great/ MAXIMUM RAPPADELIC. Ya'll smell "P"?! GOOD!!! We got an APE for that!!
Peak position #70
As promised about 2 weeks prior, here's the vocal version. (All apologies to Bill C.) Also on iTunes.
Peak position #70
O.D. The Great and Lawrence Wise (a.k.a. OSMOSIS) STRIKES Again!!
Peak in sub-genre #58
Mixing it up and mashing your brains with MYSTICDELIC and OSMOSIS--now EXTENDED for longer-lasting funkin' pleasure!
Peak position #74
A Cosmic Funk Orchestra track with an inspirational message.
Peak position #82
Brand New OSMOSIS (12-16-2013)!! Going all "PoTA" (Planet of The Apes) on ya'll!!
Peak position #46
Brand new Funky Metal Instrumental from Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra--simply because!! N-Joy The Metal-Funk!
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