Tommy Bozung
Instrumentals Battle Ground, WA  USA
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Tommy Bozung

Internet Drummer
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Peak in sub-genre #80
This song was written by a Swedish artist by the name of Karl. This song blew me away. Flavors of Peter Gabriel throughout. I had a vision to work with a drum loop and add a live drum track to it to provide some real movement in the song. The artist
Peak in sub-genre #37
After adding real drums. The final mix is still pending and you can hear the reference stick clicks in the beginning. This does give you an idea of how the final will sound.
This is the original version of the song with programmed drums. This is before the addition of real drums to the song.
This is the new song track with the drums recorded in my studio in Washington State. The final release is being mixed at this point. You can hear the reference stick clicks in the beginning of the song, but this gives you an idea. Additionally, the d
This is the original song with the drum programming. When first, listening to this version of the song for the artist, it was agreed that the groove really fought the melody. When I first attempted at a drum track for this song, I was trying to hybr
I am collaborating with an artist from the Netherlands. This is a song that is in process, The latest additions were mandolin parts added in my studio by session player Dave Moore.
This is a SAMPLE of an instrumental collaboration between myself and gentlemen from the Netherlands. I do the drum parts for his songs. The drums come in at 1minute 51 seconds.
This is the same song, but just the drums. This is the track sent back to the artist to plug in to his recording software. Because this is the actual track, there is 1minute and 52 seconds of silence in the beginning.
This track was sent to me as a reference track to lay the drum tracks to.
This is the song after drum tracks were recorded. The drums are mixed a little high so that the artist could hear the drums over other parts for approval
Peak in sub-genre #38
After final approval from the artist, I sent him the final drum track for his song.
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