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Album: Angels of the Sea Peak position #20 1 2
The Original Version played Instrumentally by 'Sanat' -- recorded in Tasmania in 1992
Peak position #43 1
A Whale Pop / Funky Song dedicated to Whale Conservation
Album: Angels of the Sea Peak position #13
Music by 'SANAT' and 'Wayne O'Donohue' from 'Heaven On Earth Music' - Vocal by 'Jaya Lewis' - showing the Beauty, Grace and Love of Whales.Highlights the urgent need for permanent Whale Protection and the Work of the 'Sea Shepherd Conservat
Peak position #59
This Song signifies My Calling. A call to arms to save Animals - a Conservation Warrior Musician
Peak position #42 5 2
Dream that you are floating on a Sea of Stars floating through the Universe home to the origin of your Star.
Peak position #57 1
The Sounds of Nature can be so spectacular and none is more so than the awesome power of thunder as recorded live on this song recorded in the Australian Outback .The didgeridoo gives it an extra mystical - dreamtime - Australian touch.
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