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Peak position #63
This will become a backing track for a May Day celebration at work; probably will feature hula dancers.
Peak in sub-genre #52
Brandon Bray was a young singer/composer from Manoa, Hawaii who rose to stardom through Ron Jacob's Home Grown series. He composed and copyrighted this song on which I had the honor to play guitar. Sorry for the scratchiness (from a 45 rpm).
Peak in sub-genre #30
Crossroads Blues by Robert Johnson A little late, but just for fun I wanted to pay homage to Mr. Eric Clapton who really inspired me to pick up the guitar a long long time ago.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Every Praise backing track cover of Hezekiah Walker's tune. CCLI licensed for use by worship team.
Peak position #60
P&W full cover sketch of Friend of God for opening and closing service. CCLI licensed.
Peak in sub-genre #3
Getting used to the Reaper DAW and GR-55 guitar synth. This is the third remix after laying down the tracks.
Peak in sub-genre #40
This was the last piece from my college recital. As I recall, I had to walk off stage, pause, then walk back on. Talk about nerves! I was so happy when it was over.
Peak in sub-genre #70
1st Movement from Manuel Ponce's Sonata Mexicana. From my college junior recital around 1980. Another muff in the beginning but I settled down, thank heavens. I've seen folks get brain freeze which is disastrous. Sorry again for the tape hiss.
Another piece I did back around 1980 for my college junior recital. As I recall my father in law had an LP of Segovia doing this, so it was good to hear how he phrased it. I found the music in UH Sinclair Library.
Peak position #83
Form my college junior recital back around 1980. JS Bach's Courante in D from one of his cello suites arranged for guitar. Yeah, a bit of a muff in the beginning but I played on.
Sorry for the tape hiss - this was from around 1980 for my college junior recital. Antonio Scarlatti's Sonata in A - sorry, don't remember the "K" number.
Peak in sub-genre #7
Antonio Lauro's Vals Vanezolanos No. 4 from my junio recital around 1980 -1981. Gosh, over 30 years ago. Hard to believe I could play that stuff. As I recall, I prepared by practicing 6 hours per day for 3 months.
Peak in sub-genre #33
Wow, found this old cassette from around 1981. This was for my Junior recital in college. Yes, I actually played classical guitar at one time. Sorry for all the tape hiss.
Peak in sub-genre #3
Another popular Christian Praise & Worship cover of the CCM version of Fairest Lord Jesus. Glenn Packiam added the additional chorus. Copyright 2004 Vertical Worship Songs
Peak in sub-genre #5
This was recorded to lay out the song for our worship team.
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