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Electronic Sacramento, CA  USA
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Love composing in seclusion without focus of money or attention (going on 16 years now). Loading a bunch of full albums on YouTube:
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Latest Release
Right of Way
June 2019

Right of Way [2019]

Five stories of various travels are shared using a unique palette of electronic styles.
Each piece is given ample length to engross the ears of the listener.

Meditations IV: Travel by Night
December 2018

Meditations IV: Travel by Night [2018]

Listen to the Full Album on YouTube

New album released. The Meditation series continues with a new chapter.
This one concerns my experience during a year of trial and righteous judgment,
given within a dark, perilous time. Very introspective, personal project.

Leviticus: Part III
September 2018

Leviticus: Part III [2018]

The third and final album of the Leviticus Trilogy.
Composed after a six month hiatus (due to a bad earache) in a two-month blitz,
Part III has fantastic melodies and soundscapes. Great project.

Yahunatan is a secluded, electronic musician. For Yah's glory.
All music here is free to listen!

Over 30 Albums Since 2003. SoundClick Veteran for 12 Years (2007 - 2019).

Yahunatan: A Music History (2017)
Yahunatan's Page on Soundcloud - Video Series on the Father's Script - Discover the Origin of the Jedi Persona

This musician currently uses FL Studio 12 Producer, Akai Professional MPK 88 and MPK 25 Controller Keyboards,
Arturia V6, V5, and V4 Collections, Omnisphere 2, Keyscape (Full Edition), Philharmonik Miroslav (Original),
M-Audio Audiophile 192 Sound Card, Yamaha DGX-500 and DGX-505 Keyboards (Grand Portables), Yamaha PSR-47,
with various freeware plugins.


It's not about being a skilled musician. Or acquiring that which fades under the sun. Life's too short.
It's about sharing an experience. It's about having a personal relationship with The Creator.

My desire is capturing the essence of an experience and placing it in a container of depth and simplicity, especially while in prayer
and mediation. My objective is in forming pure melodies and keeping the message real. Committed to balancing classical
and electronic genres with ease of technicality, I attempt to form simple pieces on a whim, filled with muse and creative theme.
If one of these pieces brings a positive understanding to your life — it has served its purpose!

You are welcome to browse my music on this website free of charge. See albums and music.
With 30 albums now and 350+ tracks spanning well over a decade and a half. Huge library.
Hours and hours of decent, creative music available covering a vast spectrum of electronic and classical styles.
Totally original and home-baked, yet stylish, creative, and personal.
Stop, relax, and enjoy the experiences shared.

First album in May 2003, named Experiences: However Small or Insignificant. First piece is called Life Ship.

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Album: Right of Way
One direction. No deviation.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Album: Right of Way
There is a realm greater than the world of beasts. Intimate ambient music with piano and choir, CS-80 strings. Will take you to a peaceful state.
Peak position #15
Album: Right of Way
Treading the path amidst a desert wilderness.
#3 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Right of Way
When the drive to move is not your own.
#8 today (Sub-genre)
Album: Right of Way
The moment in which one is aware of being in a dream.
Peak position #29
When He Comes is based off of a piano piece my mother created many years ago when young. Electronic version, loosely influenced by Vangelis' "He is Sailing".
Peak position #17
It's not that hard to listen.
Peak position #8
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For you are with me. Your rod and staff comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."
Peak position #12
"He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."
#9 today (Sub-genre)
A difficult task finds a worthy zeal.
#35 today (Main)
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