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Music inspired by my life in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Celtic folk, Filk, and medieval history. Funny, thought provoking, childish, and beauti
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A little something for D&D gamers.
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A song about Ragnarok - the Norse version of Armageddon. Many people have said it sounds rather 'Jethro Tull'. I'd love to hear a heavy metal band do a cover.
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Some nonsense that fell out of my head one afternoon. A half dozen cliches about Norse culture set to music.
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This is an new recording of this anonymous trouvere song circa 1200. Translation by me.
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I wrote this silly ballad about my friend Mikhail Kazimirovitch Pomeshanov. So the guy snores a little. Give 'im a break. He's a nice enough fellow.
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I wrote this little love song many years ago for an Atlantian Royal Bard competition. It has since become infinitely more popular than I could have ever imagined. I offer it to you to download for free.
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This tune was first collected around 1250 in the Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscript comissioned by King Alphonse X of Spain. Though the tune and lyrics are very old, this arrangement is rather techno.
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Imagine the 16th century broadside balled 'Greensleeves' as performed by 'Death Tongue' with Bill the Cat on lead electric tongue, Opus on Tuba, and special guest vocalist Elmer Fudd.
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If the B-52s sang about Harry Potter, it might sound like this.
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Imagine walking through the woods and you think you're being watched by faeries...
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A blusey-rock sounding thing about a ficitious trip to an SCA event that many SCAdians will likely find familiar.
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A little ditty about 7 gentlemen for whom I have only the deepest admiration and respect.
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The title says it all.
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There she was, just a walking down the street...
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This is a trouvere song from around 1200. My english transliteration is based on a literal translation found in an old copy of the Historical Anthology of Music. I tried to keep the same rhyme and meter of the original
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