Melissa And More
Pop Southampton, United Kingdom
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Inspirational and colourful. Melissa's music is of as many genres as there are of emotions, evoking sensitivity, harmony and passion in every song.
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Title track of the new album. Guitars and backing vocals to be added
Peak position #14 2 2
A haunting song about not being alive and missing loved ones. Two small children add to the eerie feel with their backing vocals
Peak in sub-genre #29
Studio version to be included on the new album. Guitars and a mix and it is done. Small children add to the eerie feel.. yet again
Peak position #87
#52 (Sub-genre)
Reflective and melancholy.
A positive and hopeful love song, aprehensive about falling in love. Final mix, guitars to be added
Peak position #68 1 1
Re- recorded in July 2017.An up beat, feel good instrumental
Peak in sub-genre #21
up-tempo pop
Peak in sub-genre #95
A tranquil love song with strings,piano and vocal
Peak in sub-genre #61 1
Up beat country track, it is about trying to convince someone of your sincere love, and the fact that you love them enough to let go.
Peak position #10 3 2
in 3/4 time, this is a classical song, a rather melancholy ballad about lonliness
Peak position #22
A melancholy ballad
Peak position #48 1
A love song, up tempo and uplifting
Peak in sub-genre #42 1
Chilled and laid back, this has a calm and etherial feel with strings, piano and vocal.
Peak position #13 3 4
This is just Dave on guitar and myself vocally. I have a more classical version which is really different but I like the raw feel of this. # 13 in Acoustic (highest position was 13). Total songs: 90,464 # 1 in Acoustic Folk (highest position was 1)
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