BLP - Brian Lucas Project
Blues Kettering, OH  USA
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ambient, blues, atmospheric guitar
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Peak position #10 23 17
This instrumental song is a bit of a journey. There are many guitar effects used throughout. Using a 2004 Fender Strat, Gibson USA LP Studio, Marshall 2x12, Jackson bass, keyboard for strings and ambiance, Roland Boss DR-3 for drums.
Peak position #23
Peak position #10 1 1
2004 Fender Strat with CS Texas Special pick ups, Fulltone RTO pedal, Ibanez TS9DX and Fulltone MDV-2 into a Fender Blues Jr Tweed NOS miked with 2 SM-57s. Playing a Jackson bass and Boss DR-3 drums.
Peak position #43
Peak position #84 11 5
This is a soulful, bluesy melody that features a Les Paul guitar over a slow acoustic backdrop. I used a Gibson USA Les Paul studio through a Marshall. I also miked a Fender acoustic and used a keyboard for the bass, strings, ambiance and drums
#55 (Main) 83 42
A soulful, laid back groove.
Peak position #2 30 15
This is a blues rock instrumental with a lot of distortion added inspired by some of my favorite blues rock guitarist Joe Perry, Billy Gibbons and Jake E. Lee. This is just a fun song to play that hopefully gets your blood pumpin'.
Peak in sub-genre #8 1
Peak position #23 19 9
I experimented with a glass slide to try and mimic seagull like sounds.
#25 (Sub-genre) 1
Riff inspired by Southern Rock
#83 (Sub-genre) 1
Experimenting with a MXR P-90 phaser and multiple acoustic guitar mics. Played with a Fender strat and a Fender Grand Concert acoustic. Perception 100 mic for room ambience and PL80 directed at sound hole.
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