Three Shoes Posse
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Three Shoes Posse: A mix of old-school Reggae with Hip Hop and Dance Hall beats and finished off with some sweet dub, soulful three-part harmonies, and educatio
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It's not the guns that kill, it's the people that use them unwisely. We must stand up for our Second Amendment rights! Gun ownership and self-defense are crucial founding principles of this Republic!
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Give the evil wicked ones three shoes to wear. Two on their feet and one in their 'derriere'...
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The Federal Reserve thieves print the money for free then loan it to us for a fee. A private central bank is the Communist Manifesto's 5th Plank! Time to go back to using real money, silver and gold, and abolish the biggest scam in history.
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The WTC buildings collapsed at free-fall speed in 10 seconds. Explosions were seen and heard. This was an obvious controlled demolition proving that 9-11 was an inside job. We need a new investigation to bring the real terrorists to justice!
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Is there a doctor in the house? Houston, we have a problem! Excerpts from the only Constitutionalist presidential candidate - Dr. Ron Paul - are featured in this heartfelt original song about the one man our Founding Fathers would vote for!
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