Latteta Theresa
World Some Town, USA
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#16 (Sub-genre)
This is a vocal version of the original instrumental version "Can't Stop This Love."
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Can't Stop This - Declaration of Peace, Love & Happiness is a story waiting to be told. This song brings together various dance and music genres all rolled into one. Get ready. Put on your dancing shoes, and feel the love! Free download.
#35 (Sub-genre)
Here's a little description about the song: The Heart Chakra Part 1 song was composed and recorded in 1992, while living in New Orleans. The healing power of this musical offering was realized when a young woman (more in full song description)
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Enter the sacred space of your heart where dreams become manifest. The desires of your heart are real and only you can bring them to life in this reality. An idea may begin in your mind, but it is your HEART, which gives them life.
#54 (Sub-genre) 1 1
The full title of this song is 'Throat Chakra - Say what you mean. Mean what you say. It is still a work in progress. Both the flute and vocal tracks are rough scratch tracks and will be re-recorded soon. Enjoy!
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This is a newer version with Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Hare Krishna, lots of flute and more vocals.
Peak position #27
This is the last track it resonates on the note 'B'. Listen, as the theme from 'Can't Stop This' is also heard in this song, but the tempo is faster indicative of the high frequency at which you vibrate. The gong at the ends signals ur ASCENSION
Peak position #46
Is a musical prayer. Without words I play what I desire to see and live on our planet Earth.
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When I recorded flute and drums on this track I visualized a young soon to be Cherokee Chief traveling to India where he shared his culture with the natives there. They in turn shared their culture as well, blending both music and dance moves.
Peak in sub-genre #29
Middle Eastern was composed in New Orleans 1992. The flute part was not recorded until recording date in 1997. It was improvised. I'm using a Yamaha DX7II, as well as Yamaha RX11 drum-machine, two 2 crash cymbals and bell tree.
Peak in sub-genre #78
When I created/improvised the flute part in 1997, I was so filled with love I cried. The power was so awesome it felt like an incredible energy wave of passion from heaven.
Peak position #86
This song was inspired by a couple from India for whom I would perform this song at their wedding.
Peak in sub-genre #56
The last track on 'ReeeeLaaaaX with Latteta. Sleep sweet... dream deep!
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