Ron Lehner
Rock Tucson, AZ  USA
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Ron Lehner, singer/songwriter, romantic, soft rock and pop. Lot's of new music. 8 independent album releases. Free Music, Mp3's, and Downloads.
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Peak in sub-genre #27
Wow! Rough mix, great new sound. Ron sings and plays all, no loops or midi. Heartwrming ballad about all of us saving the world, together, one by one. For Michele, my dauter-in-law, the environmenal scientist.
Peak in sub-genre #45 1
You can do it!
Peak in sub-genre #48
From the backwoods of Suburban Chicago comes this boy. Find your inner child!
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #46
Great full version, another day in the waiting. Bridgit on piano.
Peak in sub-genre #29
I've been good, My Angel, and I'll be good to you.
Peak in sub-genre #45
Can you feel it now my love?
Peak in sub-genre #38
Someone else will come along, and then I won't think about you like this.
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
I am lifted in your presence. Acoustic.
Peak in sub-genre #35
What's it all about?
Peak in sub-genre #31
We've only just begun, you are the one.
Peak in sub-genre #36
Here I go again. Acoustic.
Peak in sub-genre #26
I'm writing today, please stay.
Peak in sub-genre #26 1 1
Peak in sub-genre #44
Haven't we always wondered?
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