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Not your typical MC from the south. Writeous™ brings something new to the table, by combining abstract concepts, concious topics, and battle rapping all in one
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Hate the Heat
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Are you pondering what im pondering? Cuts by me :-D
You cant be falling in love? Can you?
Track off my mixtape as of now titled 'I Write Just'. Bascially explaining how I'm broke, and need money lol. And how Im just a regular guy, who does good, but slips up does bad also. Hence Checks and Balances :-)
Kind of a throw away 'mixtape' track that never got completed
Mixtape track by 2Ten featuring Riddler and Writeous. Hook: 2Ten Verse: Riddler, 2Ten, and Writeous.
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Final Battle verse against Cire, Dahnamics aka D.Omen, Enef, DZK, Tunk, J Nyce, and Nawshus. Better mix should be up tomorrow.
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Semi finals verse against Nawshus , Dahnmics aka Spoonful, and D.Omen. A bit under the weather on this one.
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Writeous vs. Nimrod aka Nyce Quota
Battle verse against Opt1kz. First time i battled or rhymed at all in a year or so, so this is just a warm up. Excuse the mixing on this.
Super Writeous flying thru your airwaves. Just some shit I made to try to break my writers block. I'm rusty in all aspects.
Finally all Southern Faculty members on a track together. Too bad its just freestyle. Destination, 210, Grim, and p89 is order.
Another OFF THE DOME freestyle we did a while back. The order is myself(Writeous), 210, Riddler, 210 and myself again.
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