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Peak in sub-genre #21
This world is dying from thirst for the One Who can quench it--sung by Mike Lusk.
Little Bethlehem in Judah was the birthplace of the Babe Who would change the world through His sacrifice--sung by Mike Lusk.
Peak position #68
Peak in sub-genre #48
There's a time in each of our lives when, if we need to make key changes, we really have to have "a want to."
Peak in sub-genre #21 1
Peak position #23 3
A heart yearns for closeness to the Lord Jesus--sung by Mike Lusk
Peak position #71 5
A heart is transfixed on a love gone bad--sung by Mike Lusk
Peak position #55 6 1
A guy went outside of Alabama to find that one and only gal, but he realizes that Alabama has it all--sung by Mike Lusk.
Peak position #73 2
This is a song about a guy who is really ready to marry that special lady--sung by Mike Lusk.
Peak position #73 8 1
A song to make Christians conscious of walking the walk, not just talking the talk--sung by Mike Lusk
Peak in sub-genre #20 2
The story of a young girl coming of age in North Texas--sung by Heather Cowles
Peak in sub-genre #21 2
A young woman describes what she got at the foot of her mama's rocking chair--sung by Heather Cowles.
Peak position #83 8 2
One of these days, Jesus is coming again. He will be the light of the New Jerusalem. This song is a prayer, yes, a plea for Jesus to come on back and shine like the Son--sung by Mike Lusk.
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