Svengo Nada Limones
Acoustic miami, USA
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Latin influenced from Brazilian Samba, and American Blue Grass and Rock'n'Roll, SVENGO NADA LIMONES creates brings bright organic musical interleaves of harmon
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Peak in sub-genre #49
The happy life of the street muse as he strolled the village brought with itself a magical mood and spiritual enchantment as if a million bells played...
Mandolin & Tiple (from puerto rico - 12 strings!) interplay and have discourse over a rhythmic background of a Guild steel string bigbodied flattop..... their conversation is magic and says new things, not of this forest.....
what a hunk of a woman would inspire the barrage of intensity and feverish desire that could melt thry metal..... the melodies flowed from her walk....
A conjective mix of passion and energy bring with it melodies of rhyme and rhythm and magic goats....
chant of a madman, running in the lunacy of a memory, while the ringing of the harmonies play persistently in the mind.
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