Krash Street Kids
Rock miami, USA
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rock, hard rock, crunch, smash, synth, electronic, techno, progressive, jazz, blues, orchestral, instrumental, experimental, indie, noise, industrial
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Peak in sub-genre #60
joyful noise and the sound of life finds its way to the door of pandemonium
blazing fires of tonal assualts create a new level of tension in the senses and ignite the cerebral pleasure senses in a diferent way.....
Bwana called thru the night, anxiously and fervently awaiting the reply he hoped he'd get...wrestless natives hummed a peculiar tone....
Energy and starlight mix in a media of sound and mayhem to create a new level of aural sensation
it pierced my soul thru my ears, creating a chasm in my mind and giving me an new experience I'd never had before......
wood and wire make tones alongside washes of ethereal sonic bliss and enchant the brain and intoxicates the soul
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