Leanne Pattinson
Pop Carlisle, United Kingdom myspace.com/luvligirl84
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Leanne Pattinson - solo artist who writes/produces synth laden pop!
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This is one where my music has taken a new direction. It is another instrumental. This time I started with the drums as I normally don't give them much thought.
Sorry I haven't been uploading things here for a while...I've still been working away at some new material though! Here is my latest...I'm feeling inspired to create some intrumentals nowaday and here is one of them.
Peak in sub-genre #77
Using Ableton Live again, I decided to produce a house style song like the ones from the 90's, complete with Korg M1 style piano sample!
Peak in sub-genre #64
Decided to make a Jean Michel Jarre type tune...using Ableton Live instead of the usual Sonar.
Peak in sub-genre #67
Laid back song...evolved from drum loop...
Peak position #100
This is my first one with vocals for a while...enjoy!
Peak position #68
This song was made over 2 days and using snippets of my vox from an existing tune.
I made this tune with the intention to add vox, but a sound card let down resulted in it being another instrumental...
Peak position #93
I haven't made a song in a while so I thought I'd come up with another electronic instrumental...
Peak position #58
A new song I made to test out the new drum module I bought. Although it evolved in to a catchy pop tune!
I decided to do a song without vocals and just use instruments instead. I think I have the mix sorted.
Peak position #18
A song that came into my head yesterday, and after messing around with chords, I finally decided to record it.
Electronic instrumental composed using only free software.
Peak position #82
Another new song, this time recycling some music I made a few months ago and adding new vocal lines.
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