The Pillbugs
Pop Toledo, OH  USA
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The Pillbugs are champions of psychedelia in it's purest form. The goal of the band is to go forward by going backward and with the mindset that we will take ps
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About the King of Zorg.
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A mystical eastern excursion about a junky old car. Very up and rocking and yes, it's a sitar.
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This song by Mark Kelly will get you up and moving.
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Rocker with bar-room piano, trumpets, tremolo guitar and a fuzz bass.
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If it has to be related to something, it would probably be Pet Sounds meets The Monkees Headquarters. It's very child-like. Piano, strings, acoustic guitars and a sing along chorus.
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Monumental Pillbug Classic
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Like Badfinger with McCartney screams. Luv-it!
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This song is a true classic. Driven by the bass, the instruments and vocals blend perfectly.
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Studio version of a great "slow-dance" blues song.
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Upbeat number by Mark Mikel. You provide the hand-claps.
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