Chad Robles - Eternal Now
Rock Manila, Philippines
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Eternal Now, Chad Robles, Progressive Rock, Metal, OPM, Pinoy Rock, Aria Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, Korg Keyboards, Vox Amplifiers, Filipinas 1800
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Peak in sub-genre #29 1 1
Funky chicken-picked lines on the intro, yo-dee-le-hee inspired runs on the chorus & a latin-dipped section in the middle. Finish it w/ a classic hybrid run & you've got a nitpickin' man lost in mexico.
Peak position #54 1
Title says it all. Mood-swingin' blues like an atom bomb!
Peak position #14 4 1
This is the 2nd part of a 3 part song. We consider this a study in 7/8 time, for "rounding-off " the edges of odd-time feel.
Peak in sub-genre #22
This is one of the drafts of "Symphony Of Lies". This arrangement got scratched; though I kept a copy for reference & comic relief.
2 2
This is the 2nd solo of the song Betrayer's Tongue Part 1 - Hymn Of Deceit. This is just a study mix.
Peak position #42 1
Teaser Cut, inspired by classical composer, Gustav Holst.
1 1
1st solo of the track "Hymn Of Deceit" . This is actually segued to the "keys-guitar duel" part.
2 1
This is the opening solo of Betrayer's Tongue II - Symphony of Lies. It's one of the 2 orchestral tracks in the album.
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