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Starstika employ fat beats, breakbeats, basslines, infectious guitars, synths and vocals that show nobody can hide from the Starstika samplers.
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Peak position #57
The control of the money supply by the banking cartel.
Peak position #66
Story behind the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
Peak position #35 1
The conspiracy against us by the power-hungry elite.
London bombings of 7/7/2005 running alongside a terror exercise? Coincidence?
Peak position #40
The technique of the pseudo-gang is exposed; intelligence agencies using fake terror groups (e.g. Al Qaeda) to further political agendas.
Peak position #71
The take-over of Britain into the European Union by stealth.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Myron Fagan explaining how the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) have been controlling history through wars and the media.
Bush & his elite handlers have ensured that the American Constitution and Bill of Rights have been flushed down the toilet via the so-called 'Patriot Act' (actually quite the opposite of its doublespeak name).
Peak position #70
George Dubya Bush talks about social security and repeating propaganda over and over until people believe what he says. Chump.
A comedy skit with our take on God Save the Queen.
Peak position #60
Where does money come from? Who prints it, what do they gain from this act?
Peak position #50 1 1
Information from behind the scenes at The Club of Rome as they decide what humanity should worry about next to keep our minds off what's really going on.
Peak position #43
The federal reserve (a private company) loans money to governments but does not back it with gold (or equivalent) as it should. This makes the money worthless.
More edited highlights of the great pretender's 'History Will Forgive' opus.
Peak position #91
Michael Chertoff (Secretary of Homeland Security) speaking at the CFR. A conflict of interests?
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