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Another Collab between me and Piter, this time we take a trip to the sacred land of Atlantis using analog synths and the soft synth Camel Audio Alchemy. Enjoy!
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This song marks my return back to software , this was made using 80% the software synth Camle Audio Alchemy and 20 % the hardware synth Alesis Adromeda A6. It also mark my return back to trance.
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We humans share one destiny, the destiny that brought us all here, the destiny that gave us intelligence and the ability to evolve beyond ourselves, we are the walkers, and we are walking back to our origins, we are star dust , and thus our souls ...
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A song I made with the help of my Friend George Megas. He provided the drum loop and the etheral pad that start from the beginning. I added the piano melody in Reason, anything else made added is made with my Alesis Andromeda A6.
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The Night dwellers , are near, their time will come when the sun will set. They will spread in the night like the cloth of shadow, and embrace the day with their absence. They live in our dreams, hopes and fears. They are the Children of the Night
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This song was intended to be a remix of track of a friend of mine. It ended up removing all his work and making this based on the chords he used for his track. Even the melodies are very different. It is a song about loss.
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You Know that the worse is yet to come, but it is at this moment that you embrace life , you feel the luxury of being alive. Enjoy your last moments.
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Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Happy new year
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Hephaestus is sitting at a beatiful beach of the greek island Crete in the sunrise and he sings. But this song is not to entertain humans or gods.This song is a call to all mortals and imortals to help him create Talos
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War is Coming to the island of Crete. Beyond the horizon the huge naval fleet of the Greek Kingdoms is approaching with menance. These are the last of moment of peace , these are the last moments of joy....
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A song for the sea and a woman.
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