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Peak position #57
The light of stars is caught & trapped in precious stones (New Upload)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Clouds just passing by (New Upload)
Peak in sub-genre #54
luminous lights shining through the branches and leaves of trees (New Upload)
Peak position #63
Rodessounds passed through patterndelays are the center of this track.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Slow bass arpeggios and glittering sounding clouds (New Upload)
Peak in sub-genre #11
I had the vision, what will happen if gravity falls away on an orange morning sunrise.
Peak position #57 2
This piece of music was made with orchestra sounds placed in big digital rooms.
Peak in sub-genre #56
This track was made with a modified Poly 800 - moogslayer (New Upload)
This track was made with a modified Poly 800 - moogslayer (New Upload)
Peak in sub-genre #45
This track is tuned on 126,22 Hz which is the tone of our sun (New Upload)
A listener described it as "pure magic".
Peak in sub-genre #31
Digitalwaterdrops in an glittering cave environment
Sunlight sparkles trough the surface of the ocean.
Peak in sub-genre #58
This dark drone is a special dedication to Enzo Cage from the www.sphericlounge.de collective - may the laughter be with you :o) (New Upload)
Peak in sub-genre #51
This track is a special dedication to FloydLogic from the www.sphericlounge.de collective. If you are an ambient-fan donĀ“t miss the chance to take a look on our website. Over 300 Mp3s ready to download - Pictures - Videos and more !!! (New Upload)
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