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Donegal Street is a New Age / Celtic group that is steeped in a more modern sound, while still retaining the traditional feeling. With the liberal use of swirli
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Comes a viking from the depths of ice and snow. A tale from my heritage. Also a beautiful vocal performance, by a wonderful singer and friend. Thank you.
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A wonderful vocal performance by Amy Dixon-Kolar. About as anti war as I get. Reached number 8 on the Neil Young 'Living With War Site' four years ago.
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This is for the way great thinkers, throughout time, have been persecuted for their beliefs.
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Instrumental. Interpretation of many French folk songs. Though not strictly Celtic, we've always been intrigued by folk songs from around the world.
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Just a love song.
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A story about a fictitious place and the never can go home again saying.
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Instrumental. A nice piano shanty. Synths in the background.
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Instrumental. A two part piece of music. It's more a traditional Irish tune more than anything else.
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