John Lance Goldbach
Acoustic Hartford, WI  USA
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John Lance Goldbach
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Pop that comes to me when I'm eatng cereal and drinking coffee.
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Peak in sub-genre #15
Written for my Uncle who passed this week Larrivee Parlor x 2 Sigma Mando x 1
Peak in sub-genre #18
Martin 00015M (2 Tracks) Roland Drummer (1track)
Peak in sub-genre #56
This is a silly song that I wrote in college (25 years ago) with some friends. This is the 2012 remix.
Work in progress.
Peak position #12
Simple country song played on a Tele (3 tracks) and a 70's Fender Vibro Champ that I just bought. I had a 76 Vibro Champ when I was 13. This new (old) amp is special to me. Had to record something with it right away.
Peak in sub-genre #52
HWY-1 Strat VOX NightTrain Roger Linn Adrenalin III Squire Bronco Bass
Peak in sub-genre #16
Kingpin - Line 6 M9 (for loops) - VOX Nightrain Head - Carvin 2 x12 bottom - Tascam DR-07 recorder
Peak in sub-genre #24
New Les Paul - 2 tracks Squier Bass - 1 Track
Peak position #99
SImple song written with my Larrivee P03 Parlor - 3 Parlor Tracks and a Boss DR3 Drum Track
Peak in sub-genre #98
Fender HWY=1 HSS Stratocaster Test HWY-1 HSS > MXR Dyna Comp > Maxon OD-9 > Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue
Peak position #62
Larrivee L-03R recorded by a Tascam DR-07 Hand-Held Recorder
Peak in sub-genre #14
Nashville Tele and my new Line 6 M9 - straight into the recorder. First attempt at recording something using only the M9. I had no musical idea in mind when I started (sorry). This is what I came up with in 25 minutes.
Peak position #87
Recording/Testing my new taylor T5 LTD - just a simple song....everything is the T5 straight into the recorder
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