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Peak in sub-genre #5
Disco beats along with 80s video games soundings keyboards
atmospheric song arranged for a short documentry about Oslo, Norway capital city.
Peak position #66
Acid jazz song, with a jazzy and funky feeling sound.
Peak in sub-genre #32
pop rock country slyle song. with two dobro, two spanish and one gibson guitar and bandurria guitar at the beginning
Peak in sub-genre #26
electronic beats with melodies playing along with the lead piano melody
Peak position #70
mid tempo, pop country song in the way of Van Morrison and Ryan Adams songssongs
Peak in sub-genre #6
metal song arranged with some classical orquestation
Peak in sub-genre #36
Pop rock song , voice and lyrics by Eva Paez ( ) music by Gino maccanti
Peak in sub-genre #21
mid tempo classic pop rock song,
song arranged for a short documentary of a trip around Iceland
Peak in sub-genre #7
Its influenced by spanish music and spagetti western songs.
Peak in sub-genre #65
electronic down tempo with ethereal bass and violas taking the lead melody. ended by a broken puppet musicbox
Peak in sub-genre #45
jazz song with some delayed harps, some trumpets with leading melodies and a regular bass and drums line.
Peak position #81
I did a short acoustic song about N.Y and Pedro added the vocals and changed the structure of the song to match with his voice, he also added some guitar solo at the end .
downtempo song with clean melodies and subtle drumming
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