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Some of us do what we can in spite of what we don't have, instead of doing nothing with what we do have.
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Pop tune with funk bass, acoustic drums, pump-pad, and pop strings. About hanging out at the airport waiting on flight, and being glad when finally home.
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Lively piano, cool bass, sax and eguitar
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Power pop ballad with piano, organ, synth lead
Simple piano pop instrumental
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This is all about relationships--storming, forming, and norming. They can begin a little rocky, have ups and downs and then in the end, the seas calm, the winds blow softer, and I realize I'm always yours.
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Acoustic piano, twin-telly, vibrato flute, and strings. All tracks produced by WebGab. c. Anit Enterprise. A Soundclick top 10 song.
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Twisted (Travis Scott Type Beat) Industry Dark.
Instrumentals - Trap
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