Robert Keenan
Rock phoenix, AZ  USA
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robert keenan
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From the"Cornertracks" album forth song I wrote ,age 15 I was living at "Charpins House " at the time
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Tried to write a Bangles type song
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inspired by a girl who died at a very young age , I new her and her mom
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about a friend of mine who was having problems dealing with life but eventually ended up ok.
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about a girl dealing with her anxiety by riding her horse.
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I wrote this as I was trying out my newest Rickenbacker guitar.
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From the HUNTER LANE album. A girl asked me to write something and record it and give it to her so she could play it at her little brothers birthday party.
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written at age 20 (pictured) in 1974.
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I couldn't sleep one night and I got up at 2 am wrote it ,recorded it and finished it by 5 am except a guitar part I did over the next day. A parody of Ricky Nelson type singers
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Very old song I used to do live during the 70s on Long Island with DEAD STREET CORNER , ended up on my second album ,ON MY SIDE. Can anyone say Bad Finger ?
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